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Theater for Everyone

The Silsbee Little Theater (SLT) is a non profit organization nestled in the heart of Southeast Texas that was sparked by the love of all things theater and of course, dinner.  The humble origins of SLT began when a group of local citizens started to gather together monthly and host a potluck dinner as a way of socializing and meeting new people in the community. The entertainment for these dinners became reading excerpts from poems, songs and eventually plays. These monthly readings as they became known to the group that gathered, began to ignite the necessity for the performing arts in the area. Soon these potluck dinners grew into a several course meal that was served before a play performance that could rival any performance on Broadway.

Now, the tradition still continues today, and SLT is listed as one of the longest running dinner theaters in Texas. Several traditions have been upheld but new traditions are being started as well. While, SLT puts on two standard dinner theater productions, occurring in the spring and fall of each year it has also begun to add additional performances centered around children. These productions are geared towards the summer time and the Christmas season. SLT is always looking to add to its performances and to continue to promote and foster socialization and community as the traditions it was founded on.  SLT is proud of Its long standing in the community and that it has been home to many amateur actors, actresses, directors and crew members all with the same love and passion for all things theater.


We are excited for what's to come, and we hope that you join us for the next evolution.

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