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Theater for Everyone

The Silsbee Little Theater is a non profit organization that born out of love of all things theater.  It made its debut as a dinner theater, a tradition that it continues today, and is listed as one of the longest running dinner theaters in Texas.

The Silsbee Little Theater was designed to promote and foster socialization and community.  Its long standing in the community has been home to many amatuer actors, actresses, directors and crew members all with the same love and passion for all things theater.

While COVID caused us to "pause" our productions in 2021, we utilized that time to focus on the evolution of the Silsbee Little Theater.  While we respect our foundation as a dinner theater and look to continue that tradition, we are also working on new and exciting events and entertainment to reinvigorate the imagination of the theater.

We are excited for what's to come, and we hope that you join us!

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