Actors Rehearsing


March 14, 2022

The Silsbee Little Theater is excited to announce the following cast members:

Tina Allen as Raynell

Richard Atmar as Bud, Rev. Hooker, Clyde and Norval

Holly Church as Juanita, Joy of Life Singer

Misti Doucet as Lucille

Matt Hall as Ray-Bud

Barri Hoffman as Marguerite, Joy of Life Singer

Carri Leleux as Delightful

Dylan Mooney as Royce

Matt Morones as Junior

Teresa Reeves as Suzanne

Leigh Waldrep as Veda, Joy of Life Singer

Merline Depew as Billie Hargraves

WWPX Radio Announcer as Ernie Overstreet

With a special thanks to the following individuals:

Director - Tessy Cryer

Assistant Director - Barri Hoffman

Stage Manager - Liz Harley

Lights - Erin Robinson

Sound - Micki Matthews

Stage Crew - Roe McDonald, Jason Harvey, Gracie Harley and Amberly Warrick

Set Design - Tessy Cryer and Greg Cryer

Recording Engineers - Steven Hoffman Jr. and Pat Overstreet

Stage Construction - Greg Cryer

Dearly Departed Hostess - Helen Larsh